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Do you have a unique space perfect for meetings, workshops or conferences? List it on – quick and easy. Hosts Karen and Michael from Copenhagen, Denmark


If you own a space that’s ideal for meetings, workshops, etc. then is the perfect place for you to start making money today. By becoming a part of our community of Hosts, you gain access to thousands of business professionals who are looking for spaces all around the globe – including yours.

You're in full control

When you list your space on, you decide what it costs, and which bookings you want to accept, meaning that you have full control over the price and availability of your space as well as how it's used.


You set the hourly rate for your space, including any add-ons like catering and experiences that make your space unique.


Bookings are make on a request-basis, which means that you determine if and when your space is bookable.


You can take your space to the next level by adding whatever amenities you like. From catering to yoga instruction, the choice is yours.

Why should I list?

It's absolutely free

There’s no startup fee or strings attached, and you can unlist your space at any time.

Your ROI is ridiculously high

Considering it takes just minutes to list your space (and that we do all the marketing for you), you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

It's profitable

We take only a small commission for each booking. That means the rest of the profit is all yours. Host Susanne from Copenhagen, Denmark

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You're fully covered

When you list your space on, you – and the person(s) booking your space – are covered by a comprehensive insurance plan, letting you focus on delivering a quality experience (Currently only available for spaces in Denmark and Norway).

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