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Yellow Space in London
Yellow Space in London
Example 1

2-day workshop for 10 persons

You’re hosting a 2-day workshop for 10 and need a unique and inspiring place. They become enamored with this amazing yellow space and love the selection of goodies to keep the team energized.

This booking will give you 3,479 EuroBonus Extra points.

Space - 16 hours × £38.25
Add on's - e.g. lunch, drinks, fruit
Service Fee
Total incl VAT
3,479 EuroBonus Extra points
Space themed meeting space in Central London
Space themed meeting space in Central London
Example 2

Board meeting for 5 persons

You need to find a space for an upcoming board meeting that’s both cozy and private. This place catches your eye, and you just know that your Chairman will love the Buzz Aldrin theme as well as the selection of vegetarian canapés.

This booking will give you 2,280 EuroBonus Extra points.

Space - 8 hours × £70
Add on's - all inclusive
Service Fee
Total incl VAT
2,280 EuroBonus Extra points

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