Meetings should feel like being at home

Meet Mai Kappenberger, the Managing Director at Kurhotel Skodsborg - an international spa hotel based on simple Nordic traditions. We dropped by to hear what being a good host is all about.

At Kurhotel Skodsborg, they aim to provide an ideal environment where nature, history, and beauty join forces with knowledge, passion, and innovation.

According to Mai Kappenberger, the art of being a good host is all about being present and focus entirely on the guest. And even though the surroundings are truly breathtaking, the approach to the guests is thoroughly down to earth. When asked, she's recommending to do just what you would do at home:

Meet your guests with a hello and a smile, ask if they would like anything to drink and invite them to have a seat. Frankly, anything needed to make sure your guests are feeling comfortable, she says.

"No matter what the purpose is, it's all about being prepared for the guest to arrive. And quite often to be prepared for the unprepared."

Speaking of being prepared, Mai emphasizes the importance of matching the expectations before the guests arrive, knowing exactly what the guests aspire, as soon as they enter the door.

"It could be what kind of technical equipment they need, the overall intentions for the meeting - is it team building, a board meeting or a sales meeting? We need to know that to be able to support the purpose of the meeting," Mai adds.

At the end of the day it all comes down to one simple thing: Your passion for giving the guest the very best experience - you need to love making people happy.

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