Who says you can't book a meeting on a boat?

Meet our Hosts, Karen and Michael, who lives in the lovely houseboat that makes the perfect setting for new thoughts in a creative environment. See why they think it makes sense taking your meetings off-site and why it's essential to them to meet their Gaests with freshly baked buns.

We live in a time where storytelling has become increasingly important. The story about when we had that meeting or attended that workshop matters. Because creative and inspiring settings simply add s a new dimension and makes why you meet just as important as where you meet.

Meet our Hosts: Karen and Michael

Karen and Michael live on the old ferry Skansehage, which they have furnished for a houseboat. Waking up every morning looking up at the sky and breathing the fresh air makes them thinking a bit longer than you usually do. And that's why the houseboat is one of Copenhagens most popular spaces for meetings and workshops as well.

"I believe that if you have to meet to create something new or think different, then it’s good to meet in new surroundings," says Michael, while pointing out that too many meeting spaces at the common workplace are awfully uninspiring. And that's a shame, they think. Because we live in the time of storytelling: The story about when we had that meeting, suddenly get's very important - you simply shouldn't underestimate the importance of the surroundings.

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