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MeetTech startup Gaest.com names new COO to propel international growth

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Danish tech startup Gaest.com has appointed former Mobilethink/Tweakker Managing Director, Thomas Yde Frederiksen, as its new Chief Operating Officer to help expand the company internationally.

The meet tech company is creating a platform where it’s easy to find the perfect place to meet. The marketplace is northern Europe’s largest with more than 3,000 unique venues, but the ambitions are even higher as the sharing economy industry continues to grow.

Now the Danish startup has taken a huge step towards meeting its global ambitions having Thomas Yde Frederiksen joining the company. As former Managing Director of Mobilethink, a company that offers powerful mobile device management (MDM) software solutions to Telcos globally, Thomas will be able to use his international management experience to lead the Gaest.com team into new markets in 2018.

“The Gaest.com team has already proven their ability to rethink the way business professionals discover and book creative spaces, and I’m thrilled to be a part of a journey with such high ambitions and business potential,” says Thomas, who has extensive experience in growing a small Danish company into a successful international business.

As a COO Thomas was a major part of growing Mobilethink, from a small Danish software vendor to a market leading role within the Telco industry. In 2014, Mobilethink and it’s daughter company, Tweakker, was acquired for $20m to form a new business unit under Spirent Plc. Thomas subsequently took on the Managing Director position for Mobilethink/Tweakker in 2016 and turned a 2016 deficit into a 2017 profit of over $2m.

Ib Nørholm, Chairman of the Board in Gaest.com, is pleased to welcome Thomas to the company: “It has been a key motivation to build a global company from day one, and adding a seasoned management capacity like Thomas is an essential step for Gaest.com to fulfil such ambitions,” says Mr. Nørholm.

It’s not the first time Gaest.com welcomes a significant profile to the company. Johnny Thorsen recently joined the startup as a strategic advisor, bringing with him years of travel industry know-how and experience within the emerging field of AI.

Thorsen, a Dane who resides in Silicon Valley, is the Vice President of Travel Strategy and Partnership at the artificial intelligence-powered startup Mezi which recently was acquired by American Express. Johnny Thorsen was previously named as one of the 25 most influential people in the business travel industry by Business Travel News.

Facts and figures

Gaest.com is an online marketplace for listing, discovering and booking unique meeting spaces. Founded in Aarhus, Denmark in October 2015, the startup is now northern Europe’s largest with over 3,000 unique venues.

For more info, visit Gaest.com or contact Tobias Egmose, Head of Communications at +45 2091 0402 or tobias@gaest.com.

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