Conference call rooms

Conference calls are great - they fill gaps in our day where we can ensure those key clients remain satisfied and the important projects are still on track.

This is what makes them oh-so-important and not just a throwaway interaction that can take place 'anywhere, at any time'.

At, we recognise how important any conference call can be, which is exactly why we've gone through our venues with a fine toothed comb to prioritise locations that will give you quick, easy and convenient privacy for your conference call to ensure that you have the peace and quiet to conduct things professionally no matter what your day may look like!

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What people are saying about conference call rooms

First Floor Room
Harriet · 27/05/2018
Gordon Square - Woburn Place
james · 02/05/2018
Meeting Room 1 - Albert House
Jeffrey · 29/03/2018
Conference Room
Bethanie · 29/11/2017
Oxford Circus
Dragan · 02/11/2017
Boardroom Suite
Annie · 16/05/2017
The Bedford Room
Thais · 31/10/2016

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