We're northern Europe's largest online marketspace for listing, discovering and booking unique spaces for meetings, workshops, photo shoots, you name it …

Revolutionizing where and how we meet

Founded in Aarhus, Denmark in October 2015, has quickly grown to become Northern Europe’s largest online community marketplace for discovering, listing and booking unique spaces. Our community is made up of magnificent Hosts like Karen and Michael, who live on an upcycled ferry in Copenhagen. They joined to list their space and create an extra revenue stream. On the other side we have our bookers – or what we call Gaests (pronounced just like guests) – like Alexandra from Singapore Airlines who quickly needed a space for their quarterly sales meeting with senior management.

At the end of the day, helping Gaests and Hosts have a great meeting experience is the beating heart of our mission.

Trophy shelf

We may be young, but our trophy shelf's already getting full with awards and nominations from Berlingske Business Boost, Denmark Bridge, Danish Design, Danish Event and Meeting and Business Travel Show Disrupt Award.

Modus operandi

The overarching questions that’ve been driving us from day one are: why does it have to be so difficult to book a meeting space and why do meeting spaces have to be so boring?

We’ve got you covered

We’ve got you covered

From London to Brazil to Mexico City to Thailand, we’re making it easier for business professionals all over the world to discover, list and book unique spaces. Now in more than 15 countries - and more coming every day - we’ve got you covered.

Unrivaled mix of inspiring spaces

On, you’ll find more than 3,000 inspiring spaces, ranging from white-glove luxury at 5 star hotels to hip, co-working spaces buzzing with creativity.

Be careful though, before you know it you’ll get sucked into the excitement of discovering spaces you never thought were possible.

Before long, you’ll be daydreaming about hosting a workshop in that chic art gallery or impressing your Board Members by meeting in that upscale designer home.

Chances are, if you can dream it, ­you’ll find it on

Something for everyone

Whether you’re looking for a quiet space for an interview, a gorgeous backdrop for your film shoot or a creative space for a workshop, we’ve got you covered. More than 7,500 people stop by every month looking for a quick and easy way to find that perfect space for:

  • meetings
  • workshops
  • product showcases
  • interviews
  • press conferences
  • photo shoots
  • auditions
  • brainstorms

Book in just minutes is designed for the time-strapped business professional, and thanks to the visually ­compelling interface and intuitive navigation, it only takes minutes to find that perfect spot and send a booking request.


Search among hundreds of unique meeting spaces and find the perfect place for your next meeting.


Choose when you need the space and voila – your ­booking request is on its way!


Arrive to a space decked out to your liking and prepare for an inspiring meeting