Hvor vil du holde møde?
1: Mødelokale med forplejning i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
2: Hold møde med projektor i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
3: Mødelokale med whiteboard i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
4: Mødelokale med wifi i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
5: Mødelokale med skærm i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
6: Mødelokale med fuld catering pr person i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
7: Mødelokale med medium catering pr person i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
8: Mødelokale med small catering pr person i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
9: Mødelokale  i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
10: Mødelokale  i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken
11: Mødelokale  i Aarhus C hos LYNfabrikken

Large meeting room - 2-32 people


Vestergade 49B · 8000 Aarhus C
600 kr./time

Max. 32 personer

Min. 5 timer





Air condition

Gratis kaffe

Handicap adgang


Vi tilbyder


3 produkter

Fuld catering pr personfra 298 kr./person

Breakfast, lunch, cake, coffee, tea & water

Medium catering pr personfra 248 kr./person

Breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea & water.

small catering pr personfra 148 kr./person

Breakfast, coffee, tea & water


Contains 2 conference table, chairs, white board, projector, wireless internet
Just next to our coffee shop and roof terrace which accommodates 50 – 60 people.
A great way to spend breaks.

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You can park at Magasin 5 min. away

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Om virksomheden


LYNfabriken was founded in 2002. The name “LYNfabrikken” actuallly means ‘Lightning Factory’ in danish, so the former factory building tucked away in a charming backyard in the middle of Aarhus is the perfect home for this undertaking.

In the very top of the factory you will find our roof terrace and coffee shop. A very special haven that sets the scene for informal conversations, business meeting and those in need of a change of scenary and an exceptionally good cup of coffee to help their work flow more easily. Moving further down the stairs you come across the home of a number for small businesses, that rent a space at LYNfabrikkens office hotel.

This unconventional work space gives them the opportunity to share their experiences, ideas and breaks with each other. We like to share the very special energy and exiting framework of LYNfabrikken with even more people than we can possibly fit in our coffee shop and office hotel.

For that purpose we have adapted part of our house in to inspiring spaces available for rent, if you need an extraordinary place to have an important meeting, an innovative work shop, a great party or something completely else.

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Co Founder of LYNfabrikken

  • Vent med at betale til mødet er afholdt
  • Kommunikér direkte med værten
  • 24 timers fortrydelsesret

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