Natalka Design

Natalka Design is a creative agency and visual storytelling specialists who work on and offline for agencies and brands. Founded by Natalia Talkowska in 2012, we help you pitch, promote, strategise, sell, and engage millions of people through visual storytelling. Don’t just take our word for it; we regularly work with the likes of Google, Intel, YouTube, TED, UK Government, Network Rail, GAP, Citymapper, Tarmac amongst others.

Doodleledo – Drawing Ice-Breaker

Need to wake up everyone before the start of the meeting or after lunch? How about a creative and fun session full of interactive drawing games for anyone who says 'I can't draw!' to rewire your brains, get you creative, start drawing again more and most importantly let you connect with others (team culture points there) through fun and play.

Based on successful public events launched in 2014 that’s running in over 20 countries since launch, Doodleledo is a perfect team building, original idea that will get your guests talking leaving the meeting with high energy after the day.


Workshop facilitation

Have a workshop planned? Don’t have anyone to facilitate it? If your day involves one of the areas below, our expert team can help you to relax and let us do the work for you. Areas we cover:

  • Innovation/ideation/creativity
  • Visual storytelling
  • Executive coaching
  • Team culture/vision/mission/strategy

Workshop facilitation


Do you have lots of information worth keeping planned for your meeting and you can’t stand another written summary no one will ever read? How about having all the key facts recorded in a pictures + words style for you to reshare, reprint, reuse with your guests? We call it scribing (graphic facilitation) but it’s more than that. Having a visual representation from your meeting / event is bound to become a memorable and original piece that everyone will happily engage with and respond to.


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