Spaces of the week #16

Flowers are cautiously popping up and the sun is finally proving itself useful. Yup, spring is here. But if you can't wait to stroll down the street in sneakers and Ray-bans, here's a couple of spaces to get you in the exotic mood.

London: The Tropical Library

The Tropical Library is based in the centre of London, between Waterloo and London Bridge. Topped off with green palms, banana trees, large wildlife prints and lots and lots of books to keep you out of mischief, you'll never regret visiting amazing venue!

Copenhagen: Insanely exciting space - on a boat!

"Vandvid" is an exciting and inspiring space aboard a hand-made ship in Copenhagen's South Harbor. The restaurant is ideal for a wide range of events and in good weather, you're welcome to have your dinner on the deck. In short, you'll have a hard time to pick a better space for your business meeting (or the company's summer party for that matter).

Stockholm: The Closer Room

If you're looking for the perfect space to enhance creativity, this might be it. Pursue your wildest ideas and brightest thoughts in this marvellous space designed for getting things done.

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