Upcoming Danish startup wants to challenge the way we meet

For more than 20 years, the Business Travel Show has showcased the most successful and cutting-edge companies in the travel industry. One of those companies is the meeting space marketplace newcomer, Gaest.com, who’s also been nominated for the prestigious Disrupt Award.

The Business Travel Show takes place between February 21-22 in Olympia, London. This event marries more than 7,500 European business travel professionals with disruptive brands like Airbnb, Uber and Danish MeetTech startup, Gaest.com.

Inherently Danish, inherently disruptive

Gaest.com, who’s already been named as one of Denmark’s top 10 upcoming businesses to watch, offers something new and potentially disruptive for the corporate travel business. That’s why they’ve been nominated for the Disrupt Award at the Business Travel Show, an annual affair renowned for showcasing the bleeding edge of industry innovation. Needless to say, this is a huge pat on the back for the Danish startup who’s looking to strengthen their position in UK market and puts them in company with other promising startups like Flightsayer, Wizme, and TroopTravel.

There seems to be something inherently Danish about being disruptive. Take for example fellow Dane and artificial intelligence (AI) disruptor Johnny Thorsen, who recently joined Gaest.com as strategic advisor. As the VP for Travel Strategy & Partnerships at Mezi.com, he’s leading the charge to use AI to revolutionize the way we interact with interfaces.

Once voted one of the 25 most influential people in the business travel industry, Thorsen has seen trends and innovations come and go in the corporate travel world. What he sees in Gaest.com, however, is a platform that’s primed to make a significant contribution to the way we list, discover and book spaces, adding:

“One of the key trends in the travel industry is how companies are increasing their use of sharing economy services and technology. Gaest.com is an exciting new concept as they provide an open marketplace for companies and individuals to connect and list both existing meeting spaces as well as alternative locations.”

A whole new way to work

Co-founder and CEO of Gaest.com, Anders Boelskifte Mogensen believes Gaest.com gives the busy business traveller and professional more than just a way to find suitable meeting spaces. He’s convinced that Gaest.com offers organizations a whole new way to think about work:

“We foster the idea that companies and business travellers can benefit from relocating their meetings, workshops or even interviews to non-traditional, creative spaces like an upcycled ferry. Where we meet, we believe, is often just as important as why we meet.”

Facts and figures

Gaest.com is northern Europe’s largest online marketplace for listing, discovering and booking unique spaces. Founded in Aarhus, Denmark in October 2015, the startup now offers more than 3,000 unique venues in 10 markets.

Gaest.com was created with the ambition to make it easier, faster and cheaper to meet in spaces that spark creativity, motivate interaction and encourage knowledge sharing. We believe that face-to-face meetings are highly relevant the more digital-fixated we become. And with more people than ever living in urban environments and with property prices reaching unspeakable levels, we need to rethink how and why we meet. In short, we need to make meetings matter.

For more info contact Tobias Egmose, Head of Communications at +45 2091 0402 or tobias@gaest.com.

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