Who says you can’t book a meeting on a boat?

Meetings can both be where we generate our best ideas, but they can also become tedious routine appointments when held in the same uninspiring environments.

Gaest.com has created a platform that makes it easy to find, book and rent out the perfect meeting room in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the UK.

“There are so many unused meeting spaces, both traditional and untraditional, and we wanted them to be leveraged,” explains Anders Boelskifte Mogensen, co-founder and CEO at Gaest.com.

The platform went live in Denmark in January 2017 and has since then expanded to four different countries with more than 3,000 meeting spaces available for rent.

Renting a space

For those needing to rent a space, the process is simple: search by location, find the perfect spot, choose the time (meetings are booked by the hour) and add any available extras like coffee or lunch. Add your payment details and voila - you are booked.

The whole process takes just minutes and you do not have to pay until the meeting is finished. Once a booking has been approved, it is easy to change and amend. You can also communicate directly with the host.

“By asking yourself what the purpose of the meeting is, and then finding a space that reflects that purpose, I think people will get a lot more out of their meetings. For example, if you want a creative solution, then find a meeting space that is creative. Lots of people find that when they change where they meet, their meetings actually become more productive.”

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Renting out spaces

For companies wanting to rent out their meeting spaces - and make money - the process is equally quick and easy. Simply create a user profile, upload information about the space - including its amenities - and then add pictures. After that, the listing will be up in just a few minutes.

Meeting rooms on Gaest.com range in size and style. You can find everything from traditional meeting rooms where everyone can gather around a table to more unique spaces like boats and an upcycled shipping container (which also happens to be one of the most popular).

Renting out is (really) that easy

Hosting a meeting should feel like home

In the next couple of months, Gaest.com will also offer private individuals the opportunity to rent out spaces in their homes. “There are some incredibly cool spaces that we want to take advantage of, so we’re handpicking a few of these rooms, and we’re always interested to hear from people who think they might be able to offer a unique and inspiring meeting space,” says Mogensen.

The need to meet

In a world that is rapidly becoming more digital, meetings are actually on the rise. “It seems like the more digital business becomes, the more we actually want to meet face-to-face. There are just some things that can’t be sorted out over email,” says Mogensen.

Just in Denmark alone, the business of meetings has a yearly revenue of 20 billion DKK, but the process of booking meetings is still old-fashioned.

“If you’re meeting off-site, the booking process tends to be very tedious and it takes many days before everything is actually confirmed. With Gaest.com we wanted to shorten that process by confirming bookings as quickly as possible - usually within a few hours. We also work with the notion of full transparency, so we make sure that all costs are crystal clear throughout the booking.”

Variety is the spice of life

Gaest.com stands out in part because of the variety of meeting spaces, which are best described as exciting and interesting whilst also providing everything you need to ensure a productive meeting. “I think people really enjoy that they’re in different surroundings because it not only makes for an experience but also an effective meeting.”

With 700 rooms in Denmark, 1,000 in Sweden and around 1,300 in the UK - and with more European countries in the pipeline - there is undoubtedly a space that perfectly suits your needs.

The future of meetings is here

“I think this is going to be the future of meetings. I truly believe that people want something different and fun. I also feel that conventional ways of perceiving and booking meetings needs to be shaken up so that companies can get more out of them,” says Mogensen.

Gaest.com has in its short lifespan already established itself as a trustworthy, ambitious and useful platform that provides a much-needed service that no one else can match. The future for Gaest.com is bright with growth and expansion plus more features coming sooner rather than later.

article about gaest.com in scan magazineThis article is originally printed in Scan Magazine

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