Packages - bundling your add-on's for easier and faster selection

To make even faster and more convenient, we’re introducing a new feature called “packages”. So what’s a package? Basically, it’s whatever you want it to be that is, as long as it makes sense to the Gaests. Let’s dive a bit further and help you get started.

First up, it’s important to distinguish between packages and add-ons. You’re probably already familiar with add-on’s – the things like food and drinks that Gaests can choose - á la carte - when booking your space. A package, on the other hand, takes things a step further and includes, at a minimum, add-on’s and the rental fee, plus anything else you’d like to add to the mix.

Packages and add-on’s should co-exist It’s important to note that add-on’s and packages should co-exist. So in other words, if you create a package, you should also offer the same items as individual add-on’s. This way Gaests have greater variety when booking your space. Let’s face it, some people like to assemble things themselves, others like things neatly packaged for them.

Why should I add packages? There’re a few good reasons: 1) it’ll make the process of booking your space faster and easier - in particular, for those who prefer an all-in-one solution and 2) gives you full control of the unique “experience” you’re trying to deliver, which in turn 3) makes your space more attractive to a larger group of Gaests.

In practice Here’s a good example of how to bundle your add-on’s for a 4-hour workshop - we’ll call it the “Workshop Deluxe Package”: This (deluxe) package includes:

  • sparkling water
  • freshly made coffee
  • artisanal tea
  • organic snacks
  • home cooked breakfast (or lunch/dinner depending on what time of the day the meeting takes place)

Slap on the cost of booking the space for 4 hours and voila - you’ve got yourself one heck of a package.

10 tips, tools and tricks every good Host should know about packages #1 A package is always calculated as price per person.

#2 The price Gaests see for packages is all inclusive (add-on’s and rental fee).

#3 When you create a package, make sure to include a captive description that illuminates what the Gaest will get if they choose this package (this is where your copywriting skills come in handy). You’re free to write whatever you want, but make sure that it makes sense for the Gaest.

#4 Want to get your message across faster and easier? Use formatting like bullet points when describing what’s in your package. This makes it faster and easier for the Gaest to read and understand.

#5 Did you know that you can add two different kinds of packages? That’s right, packages come in two sizes - full-day and half-day.

#6 When creating half-day packages, consider creating a morning and afternoon package and tailor the contents accordingly (remember that blueberry muffins are ideal all day long...mmmm).

#7 The rental fee is automatically included in a package which means that when a Gaest chooses a package, it overwrites the hourly rental price.

#8 You can add packages and add-ons in the same place in your profile.

#9 Gaests are limited to one package per booking, so make sure to include all the essentials when creating packages.

#10 Soon you’ll be able to add photos to your add-on’s or packages - making them even more irresistible.

Video tutorial: how to add a package

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