With new catering initiative, Gaest.com continues pushing the boundaries

The Danish startup Gaest.com - an ‘AirBnB style’ marketplace founded in Aarhus, Denmark - has been making bold strides throughout 2018 as their focus has evolved beyond the home shores of Scandinavia to global markets and new growth opportunities.

Michelin starred lunches when you meet In partnership with London based co-working outfit Huckletree, catering start-up Peelfoods.com and popcorn powerhouse ProperCorn, Gaest.com has launched a new catering initiative to offer full catering services to Huckletree spaces booked on the platform.

“It’s not every day we have Michelin starred lunches delivered to Huckletree. But Gaest.com are constantly upping our meeting room experience, and we’re proud to be the first venue partner to host their live booking with delicious, personalised lunches by Peel (peelfoods.com),” says Meetra Eskandarpour, Membership Manager at Huckletree Shoreditch.

Peel is an exciting London startup offering Michelin quality catering to hectic London professionals, but why stop at fixed office orders?

“Our business is focused on delivering great food to a busy city and being able to connect with a marketplace such as Gaest.com to give Huckletree and their residents access to great food at the meetings and events. For us, this partnership is a no-brainer! Meetings shouldn’t suffer from lazy catering, so we hope to help do something cool and exciting with this initiative,” says Jacob Opstrup, Director & Co-founder at Peel.

A memorable experience One of the first to try the new initiative is Henrik Conradsen, Travel Spoke CTO at Consensys, who says “it seems like such a small detail because obviously we can always just ‘go out and get some lunch’ but Gaest.com gives me the option to order the best food when booking the space, saving me the hassle of having to order catering separately. It was definitely a nice touch and makes the whole meeting sit better in the memory. And the ProperCorn was a cool detail too”.

Interest in this new integrated experience is strong as Chloe Mackie - VP of Strategic Innovation at Barclays UK Ventures also joins the early adopters of the initiative: "Gaest.com is brilliant! Their new partnerships really elevated the whole experience during our multi-day workshop and Peelfoods delivered an amazing selection of great quality meals. This was an out of this world experience from beginning to end, all in one convenient place. Gaest.com just proves this experience does not need to be a painful one. I would greatly recommend the experience from Gaest.com to anyone who asks"!

Evolving the ecosystem Gaest.com sees an opportunity to elevate the quality of their marketplace by empowering their Hosts to offer high-quality catering when booking spaces for meetings, workshops, you name it!

“We’re developing a unique ecosystem that will make a difference in a segment many consider to be static. As we see it, meetings aren’t going away. But why should they stay the same when solutions around us are evolving every day?

At Gaest.com our mantra is to Make Meetings Matter, and this is something we focus on in every action we enable - partnerships don’t just stop at catering - there’s an entire world of brands, products and experiences out there which we can connect with to give the best experience when booking a space on Gaest.com," says Glenn Thorsen, Head of Global Partnerships at Gaest.com.

As the first piece now falls into place, the sights move onto the next layer of experiences and how Gaest.com can continue to deliver this new level of quality and value to their audiences. Stay tuned.

About Gaest.com Gaest.com is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for discovering, listing and booking unique spaces for meetings, workshops, interviews - you name it. Since starting in Aarhus, Denmark in 2015 with just a handful of companies, the award-winning company has grown to more than 3,000 spaces in 17 major markets. Learn more

For more info, please contact: Corey Morris, CMO corey@gaest.com | +45 29 65 02 82

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