Discover the perfect photoshoot location

Discovering the perfect photo shoot location can be quite a challenge even for experienced photographers. Here are a few handy tips on how to spot the location that makes your pictures stand out.

One of the most important aspects of photography is picking a suitable location. By choosing a more unusual space for your photo shoot, you’ll get much more interesting and engaging pictures.

To help you out, we talked to the highly skilled photographer Abel Morsa and asked what to look for when searching for the perfect photo shoot location - and of course - if he would mind sharing his best tips and tricks for shooting the best possible photos (luckily he agreed).

To Abel, a good photoshoot location is one that allows you to shoot in natural light, and at the same time makes it easy to do several concepts in one space. For example, if you’re doing a business shoot, you should aim for a space that allows you to shoot many different working concepts at the same place.

How to choose the perfect photo shoot location

When choosing a photoshoot location, make sure it fulfils most of your requirements and - just as important - that it looks great. In this case, where the objective is shooting in a working environment, it’s also vital to Able to find a space that makes him feel comfy and gives him the sense, that this is a great place to work. And this place, in particular, was chosen because it was tastefully furnished and had a fresh vibe.

But Abel admits, that it’s hard to find a location that you like everything about, and has all the things that you want to jiggle into a photo shoot.

“When I landed on, I was specifically looking for an office, I just sort of filtered the results so I would see what I actually needed. It was quite easy to find some space that you liked, that fit your brief and that you thought would make your photos and videos look great.”, he explains.

How to take better photos

When asked to share his best tips on how to improve as a photographer, Abel stresses how crucial it is not to focus too much on the gear and equipment:

“It’s not the camera that makes the photographer, it’s not the pan that makes the cook, so simply shoot something you relate to, something you enjoy doing yourself,” he says, and continues: “always shoot in natural light if possible.” That gives you the best conditions for a great photo.

“The key in a photo for me is light.”

Abel Morsa has been involved in photography the most of his life and chose to make it a professional career about ten years ago. Today he mostly does commercial stock photography and focuses on creating situations that feel authentic and aspirational.

Read more here or see his pictures here

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