Finding the perfect space just got even faster (and cheaper)

From helping you choose a space depending on what you need it for (believe it or not, there's a big difference between an interview and a photoshoot space) to discounts for longer meetings, we're taking bold steps to making your space-finding-journey lightning fast and lighter on the wallet. Here’s what we just rolled out:

1. Find the space that fits your purpose

In addition to looking for a space based on location, you often have a specific goal or purpose in mind. Be it a meeting, interview, workshop - you name it - where you meet helps you achieve your goal. That’s why we’re now letting users search by activity. And to get things started, we’re featuring five of the most popular activities such as interviews, meetings, seminars, team building, workshops and more to come!

2. Book longer and save more

Giving you the highest level of flexibility by making it simple to book a space for the exact hours that you need it has been one of our hallmarks since day one. But sometimes you need to a space for more than just a few hours, right? To make it easier (and cheaper) to book longer, you can now book spaces by the hour, day, or month. Even better, book anything more than 8 hours and you'll instantly save 10%. This is great news, especially if you're hosting a full day workshop, a film shoot or simply need a full day out of office.

3. Find what you’re looking for in a flash with a simpler and sleeker front page

We’ve taken the front page into the garage for a proper overhaul and it’s come back looking sweet. Visually richer and clutter free(er), users can find what they're looking for in a flash. Use the search bar, sort by location or choose by activity. Either way, we’ve made it hard for you to not find the perfect space for your next meeting.

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